Meta Ad Formats

The Ultimate Guide To Meta Ad Formats

What size image/video to use and when…

There are many ad formats you can use when creating your ads, including videos, static images, carousels, instant experience and collection ads.

The best performing placement, depends on how your audience react.

When starting a new ad campaign from scratch, I always recommend testing a variety of formats, with the same caption, this way you know which format works better and drives those results.

What Ad Formats To Use And When…

1. Video

Video is our favourite format, video reduces ad spend without diminishing the results, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your brand. You can also introduce your brand and show off your USP’s much more effectively.

TIP: Shoot your videos vertically for a 6:19 aspect ratio.

2. Static Images

We love static image ads for a number of reasons, including promotions or offers currently within a business, or perhaps you wants to increase their brand awareness. Our favourite is to show off jobs completed.

TIP: Use 4:5 aspect ratio for feed, or, 6:19 for stories

3. Carousel

The great thing about using a carousel is you can feature up to 10 images and videos in a single ad all with individual links. According to some studies, this ad format can drive up to 10 times more traffic to a website than standard sponsored post.

Carousels are perfect for showing off your before & afters!

Tip: Enhance with carousel optimisations in Ads Manager.

4. Collection

This is one of the newer ad formats that allows you to promote products using multiple images. This format is really good for the mobile user and ecommerce businesses. You can choose to manually upload products, or pull them in from your product feed within Commerce Manager.

Tip: Use 1:1 aspect ratio for feed placement.

5. Instant experience

This type of ad format expands to full screen when clicked on from a mobile. Making is more mobile friendly, we recommend using instant experience to highlight or promote multiple services. It also increases engagement using an interactive ad.

Tip: Save time! Select from pre-designed templates

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