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Top 5 reasons your Facebook ads are not performing

Ever wondered why your Facebook Ads are not performing as well as you’d hope. Well today I have put together my top 5 reasons why they are not performing.

Let’s start with number 1 – Poor Targeting.

Even with Meta telling us to “go broad” – there needs to be an element of targeting, to ensure your ads are relevant and engaging to your target customer.

There are 100’s of targeting options with Facebook ads, and I personally have found using lookalike audiences provide better results than saved audiences.

Then we have my number 2 – Poor Creative.

Is your creative stopping the scroll? ???? A static image, carousel or video needs to hit your target customers attention immediately. 

Does it stand out? ????

Tip: Reels are performing really well at the moment, and the cost-per-leads are lower than I have seen in a long time! So, repurpose one of your Instagram reels and use it as an ad.

3. No Optimisation.

Getting your ad live is the easy part (okay, easier anyway! ????) – but, optimisation is where you start to see the real results.

Knowing what statistics to look at, and making changes based on those stats, is how you scale your account and improve your results ????

Ads is all about testing variations, to ensure you are consistently maximising your results, while reducing your CPL (cost-per lead).

Without optimisation, your ads are going to become fatigued and stop performing as well as they did when you first launched them.

Then we have number 4 – Not Enough Budget.

Facebook ad costs can seem daunting, but when you weigh up the number of leads x revenue generated – you can get a pretty good idea of your ROAS (return on ad spend) 

❌ £5 is simply not enough anymore to get high-quality leads. ❌

Last but not least we have number 5 – You’re Not Saying The Right Things

Stop with the sales pitches! ????????

No one wants to hear them.

Are you using your ad copy as a chance to resonate with your target audience?

Are you creating that “I need this product /service” type FOMO?

It’s not always about what you say, it’s about how you say it. 

Imagine you are your target customer, what would you want to read?

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Until next time, KELLY x