Ace Your Ads
in 30 Days

The 30 day training programme for service based businesses who are ready to get more Quality Leads in just 30 days!

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Imagine ...

having a paid ads specialist in your back pocket for 30 days?

Well, now you can with my new Ace Your Ads in 30 Days Programme.


Often, a lot of people I speak to have tried running Facebook ads, without realising they’re actually doing them all wrong. 

Boosted posts sound familiar? 

Get better - quality leads directly to your inbox

Returning customers with EASE!

Qualified customers (not those tyre kickers!)

Grow online with a bigger target audience

You no longer need to waste time with those customers who want the cheapest deal, or those customers who stand over you whilst you’re trying to do your job, with Facebook ads, we can strategically target and cherry pick those high quality, high-paying customers you have so far only dreamed of.

…It’s not your fault you’ve not nailed it yet!


and i'm here to help!

I help you understand the complexities of proper, strategic advertising campaigns. 

We can start with the basics and deep dive into funnels and UTMs if you wish, all to ensure you understand how to run, optimise and maximise lead generation ad campaigns.

I’m a Facebook & Google Certified Ads Manager and Trainer with over 13 years’ experience. 

I’ve worked with 100s of service based businesses over the years, so I know what’s needed to get you more, better quality leads. And I own a successful construction company, so I get your business. What’s more, being a female homeowner, with a growing property reno portfolio, I get your customers, I am one: the perfect judge of what’s going to work and what’s not, so you don’t need to worry about wasting money on advertising campaigns that don’t generate results.

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what people say

How I have helped

What's included?

With the Ace Your Ads in 30 Days programme, you get:

2 x hourly 1:1 video calls

So we can troubleshoot or learn! Whatever stage you are at with Facebook & Instagram ads, these 2 hours are your chance to ask me anything.

1 hour of me working directly on your account

Enabling you to be 100% sure the tech is set up correctly, I can work with your developers to ensure the Meta pixel, Conversions API and all relevant tech is set up ready for successful campaigns.

Plus 30 days email support

Stuck on something? Hit me up and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can. Your chance to make the most of our time together via email.


Are a time poor business owner, work within a service-based business and want to upskill, or you've been tasked with Facebook Ads but no idea where to start - this programme is for you.

Have dabbled in Facebook ads before, but not seen the results you hoped for

You know the importance of paid advertising, but have no idea where to start

You've invested long-term in ads, seen good results but know you can be more strategic to maximise results and reduce your overall cost per acquisition

You want to go back to enjoying your evenings, not scrolling through social media and checking your messages

You want to feel confident you are spending your money wisely and getting the best bang for your buck!

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There are only 5 spaces for this 30 day programme, so grab your space now!

ONLY £497 + VAT

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what's stopping you?

"My customers aren't on Facebook or Instagram."

That's where you're wrong. You can reach 71% of all UK adults through Facebook and Instagram advertising. That’s a hefty chunk of potential customers right there.

"I'm booked up, I don't need social media"

Firstly, that’s brilliant. Secondly, what happens when you’ve delivered all that work? Or you want to grow your business to more than just a team or two? I help you build a pipeline packed full of better-quality customers. You know, the ones that don’t try and knock you down on price or mess you around.

"I don't have to time to focus on Social Media"

Well, then that’s precisely why you need me. Just tell me what type of leads you want to get and leave the rest to me. It is that simple.

Want to ace your Facebook & Instagram ads in 30 days?

Stop wasting money today

and start making real profit from your advertising.

Request your slot by submitting your details below

Are Facebook Ads for you?

Can target a wider audience and cherry-pick your customers

Can target people who are a good fit for your brand

Can re-target people who already know about your business (organically, the algorithm makes this very tricky)

You are ready to invest, and grow your business so you can have the work-life balance you can only dream about now

Especially if you want results like this…

Excellent Facebook ad training. Kelly was recommended to me and I can see why! She is extremely knowledgeable and teaches in a really understanding way. Brilliant!

Tremblay Family

Nomad Wine

Kelly is fantastic at understanding her clients' needs. Our online presence has gone from strength to strength with thanks to Kelly's hard work on our Facebook advertising. thank you!

Gareth Falloon

Swish Home Improvements

Kelly really knows her stuff! I've had some training on Facebook ads but in nowhere near as much detail as Kelly gets you considering and tracking. There is so much you can do with ads to target the right audience for you.

Tania Taylor



The calls can be when is suitable for you, between Monday – Friday 9am-5pm. We can spread these out over the month. Most clients choose to have their first call at the beginning of the 30 day programme, then their second a few weeks into the live campaigns, focusing the second call on reviewing the data and optimising campaigns.

This is an investment into the growth of your business, so it is important you can dedicate the time required to successful ad campaigns. However, aside from the 2 hour training sessions, you can dive as deep (or as shallow) into this as you wish.

Yes, absolutely! The programme schedule can be used however you wish, but most people prefer to use the ‘1 hour of my time’ for the more techie bits! Ie: pixels, Conversions API etc.

I always recommend a minimum of £10 per day, per audience but it’s also worth considering what a customer is worth to you. Do they have lifetime value?

As with most advertising, the bigger your budget, often, the bigger results you will get. Having a larger budget allows you to test variables much quicker.

“On average, a customer to us is worth £6000. I am getting around 10 leads per week, and as a company, we convert 1 in 3. Meaning Facebook Ads is generating my company over £18,000 a week” Cleveland Driveways

The cost of this 30 day programme does not include your ad budget which is paid directly to facebook



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