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Results, results, results!

As we are almost in Q4, I thought I would put a blog together to showcase some of my clients’ Facebook ad results so far in 2021 and explain how I optimise to reduce their cost per lead.

All my current clients now are in the home improvements sector and range from driveway specialists to bespoke garden rooms.

These leads all range from £2000 – £60,000.

You can see from the screenshot below, the Facebook ad results from my clients’ ad accounts. These are 4 separate clients, with a range of average order values.

Facebook ad results iphone screenshot

You may notice the average cost per lead ranges, and below I am going to explain some reasons for this.

  1. To improve your cost per lead you need to regularly test, I have been managing some of these Facebook ads for over a year, meaning I have had the ability to test a range of audiences, creatives, offers, call-to-actions as well as other variables, to find the best Facebook ad results and reduce the cost per lead.

It is important to allow a minimum of 3 months’ worth of ads investments to enable you to really maximise results. If you have ran a campaign before and not optimised regularly, you will never know how well that campaign would have performed if optimised correctly.

  • Organic Facebook engagement is also taken into consideration, if you have good engagement on your Facebook page, your ads will perform better. Facebook show your ads to more people, as they recognise you receive a lot of engagement, meaning your audiences are interested in what you are posting about. Again, some of these clients, shown on the above screenshot, manage their own organic social media accounts, and some, I manage as well as ads.

When managing your own organic social media platforms, always remember to respond to comments and messages as soon as you can, ideally within 1 hour. It is also important to try dedicating some time each day to do outbound engagement, reaching out and engaging with other people on the platform who are your potential customers.

  • The average order value in the screenshot is different. This is another important factor when choosing your Facebook ads budget and deciding on a realistic cost per lead goal. If your average order value is £10,000, it is unlikely you are going to achieve high-quality leads for £2. The 4th screenshot in the graphic above, is a client with an average order value of £6,000, therefore a £20.57 cost per lead is good. However, the first client shown in the screenshot has a much lower average lead, therefore the lowest cost per lead we achieved on this campaign was £4.24
  • Another factor when it comes to how well your ads perform is your ad relevance score, this includes a combination of 3 things:
  • Quality Ranking
  • Engagement Rate Ranking
  • Conversion Rate Ranking

To find out your ad relevancy score, head to your ads tab in Ads Manager, select the ‘Columns’ tab in the top right and select performance and clicks (as shown below).

  • Finally, you need to consider the time of year and what is happening in the world around us. For example, during lockdown Facebook ad results for home improvement companies increased massively, because everyone was spending more time at home and wanted to update things (after all, we didn’t know just how much time we would be spending at home!)

The screenshot below is a screenshot of a message I received from a client recently, and I am going to explain to you the background behind this message.

In the summer months, we focus our Facebook targeting on local customers only, this allows my client to be busy enough locally during Summer and has no need to go further afield. As we head into September, those local leads started to slow down, it was now time to broaden the geographical targeting area, to reach more customers, but still within 40miles of my client’s base.

Since increasing the locations, here is what my client had to say…

13 driveways booked in one week, with an average order value of £5000!!

As we are heading close to Q4, I am excited to see more amazing results achieved for my clients.

Don’t forget, if you are running Facebook & Instagram ads in Q4, you need to think about increasing your budget, ads cost more with the lead up to Christmas due to all the big boys increasing their budget for those top spots!

If you need any help with your ads in Q4, please do get in touch. I would love to chat to you and see how I can help.