This week’s Social Media News

Facebook testing hiding ‘likes’ on business pages

Word on the social street if Facebook are testing hiding the like count on pages, so you will only be able to see the number of followers your page has. This will only be applicable to page likes, you will still be able to see post likes at the moment.

Facebook are also testing a new News Feed which makes it easier to engage as a page using the app. Since Facebooks major algorithm update in May 2018, it has become increasingly harder for businesses to engage with their audience, organically, meaning a lot more businesses have had to invest more into Facebook ads, to reach their audience. So, this update comes with open arms from business owners, in the hope it will help them reach more customers with a lesser spend on ads.

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Snapchat Introduces Brand Profiles

Although still in test mode, Snapchat has introduced brand profiles to keep up with rival platforms and their popularity for businesses.  Snapchat brand profiles will allow companies on the platform to pool their various assets, such as Lenses and ecommerce stores into a permanent home.

Dior, L’Oréal Paris, Target and Universal are among the 30 brands that have been selected for the beta testing, but the aim is to expand this for more advertisers after the beta test. Brands will be able to manage their profile and insights in the app and on the web through Snapchat’s Business Manager.

Facebook, Google and Apple announce new emoji updates for World Emoji Day

World Emoji Day was on 17th July and as a celebration, Facebook, Google and Apple announced new emoji updates to their platforms. While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has dampened enthusiasm for event days in 2020, World Emoji Day brings a little light fun into our lives by celebrating those small, cartoonish characters, that have now become a significant part of the way people communicate.

image source: @socialmediatoday

Have you spotted the new emojis yet?

Pinterest Launches ‘Make a Statement Mask’ Challenge to Encourage Mask Use

With the UK heading into compulsory face masks rules (24th July 2020), Pinterest have launched a new challenge to encourage people to respond positively to this new rule.

With its “Make a Statement Mask” challenge, Pinterest will look to highlight a range of creators who’ve made unique masks, utilizing individuality and style, while also adhering to public safety guidance.

image source: @socialmediatoday

As face masks are becoming compulsory, many brands have jumped on the bandwagon with new designs such as Missguided, River Island and Boohoo. Some brands even offer matching outfits! So, will people now see face masks as a ‘cool’ fashion statement now they are compulsory?

Twitter Hack Nightmares

Recently, Twitter suffered a serious breach when thousands of verified Twitter accounts were hacked.  The breach was so serious that Twitter was forced to briefly disable all tweeting from verified accounts on Wednesday last week. 

Lots of famous people and some companies were hacked, including, Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos, Apple’s official account, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Uber, Wiz Khalifa, Floyd Mayweather… the list goes on and on.

The hackers targeted high-profile accounts that had the potential to spread the scam as far as possible.

A lot of twitter users are wanting answers and the FBI are investigating further. I am sure there will be a lot more on this developing story over the next few weeks…

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