The problem with social media (and how to fix it)

Problem with social media

Does managing social media for your business make your head spin? Do you feel under constant pressure to pump out ‘quality’ content five times a week across three different platforms? STOP! It doesn’t need to be like that. And I’m here to help. In this blog I’ve outlined the three most common problems I see […]

How to get found by more people in Instagram search

Instagram Search

Do you feel as though your follower numbers on Instagram never budge? That, try as you might, you just can’t move the dial? Then the tips in this blog will really help you. Because today I’m going to talk about Instagram search and how you can use it to get found by more of your […]

Are Facebook Ads Broken?

Are you facebook ads broken

A question I have been asked a few times recently, and my answer is… not quite! However, there are a few things up in the air at the moment following the iOs14 shake-up earlier in the year. what do you need to know? Apple’s new iOS14 device updates mean anyone using an iOS14 device will […]

5 steps to grow your Instagram account

5 steps to grow your Instagram

If there’s one thing we know about social media, it’s that it never sits still. Sometimes it feels like hardly a week goes by without one of the platforms announcing a new feature or update. And I know it can be hard to keep up. Instagram, for example, recently revealed lots of interesting information about […]

Understanding the Instagram algorithm (and how to make it work for you)

Understanding the instagram algorithm

You’ve probably heard the word ‘algorithm’ bandied around a lot on social media. But what does it actually mean? In this blog I’ll explain what an algorithm is, how it works and how you can use it to strengthen your content strategy. What is an algorithm? Simply put, an algorithm is a set of rules […]

5 Social Media Mistakes Your Construction Company Is Probably Making

Social Media Marketing Mistakes

1. Selling your services far too much! C’mon, let’s be real here – no one wants to be sold to. So why do I see so many construction companies and trades sell so much? Think of it like this, would you attend a networking event, walk up to someone, not say hello and shout “We […]

Why you need to be consistent with your social media

Social Media Marketing

We’re often told that ‘consistency is key’ when it comes to managing our social media channels. But what does that actually mean?  Well, for a busy business owner like you, consistency means showing up in a way that makes it easy for followers to find and engage with you. Let’s dig a little deeper… Why is […]

Website basics to boost SEO & Social Media

SEO Basics

Whether you are already in the process of building a website, or thinking of starting one, these basic tips will go a long way towards a successful social media and SEO campaign. I have talked more about SEO in my recent blog, SEO – The Basics. Don’t compromise on speed. You may want to save […]