This week’s Social Media News

New Social Media Platform AllSocial promises no limits and 100% reach

If you know how social media works these days, you will know that the majority of platforms now limit the amount of people who see your posts. In fact, it is reported that only 5% of your audience will see your posts.

AllSocial is a new app which promises its’ members unprecedented connectivity and 100% reach on every post. Similar to what other channels promised many years’ ago, I can almost predict for most businesses the app will be forced to implement algorithms which does, in fact, restrict reach for businesses, but for now, it is worth doing some research into AllSocial and see how it can help your businesses social reach.  

Microsoft’s Bill Gates targeted by Social Media mobs after covid-19 response

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is being targeted and harassed on social media in the wake of his comments criticizing the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic and the U.S. decision to withdraw funds from the World Health Organization.

On one of Bill’s latest Instagram posts, thank you the NHS staff for all their hard work during this time, he was subjected to over 300,000 comments asking him to address his guilt over his recent comments. This post was published on 5th April 2020 and has not posted on his Instagram since.

Facebook Unveils new ‘care’ reactions to help express responses to Covid-19

Facebook has now officially unveiled its new ‘Care’ Reactions for both Facebook and Messenger, which will provide another quick response option for COVID-19 related updates.

Facebook reactions are great for businesses, why? If your audience leaves a reaction it is a strong indication they want to see more of this type of post, rather than a simple like.

Have you seen this on your Facebook yet?

Shutterstock provides FREE images, videos and guides to assist small-to-medium business impacted by Covid-19.

Shutterstock is a global provider of stock images, videos, music and editing tools. These images are available for commercial use allowing you the rights to the product. Stock images are perfect for website imagery as they can be downloaded in high resolution, allowing you crisp, clean and non-pixelated imagery.  Stock images are also great for social media purposes, due to the diverse options available and scroll stopping visuals.

I did test this myself and as I am already a paying customer of Shutterstock, unfortunately this offer does not apply to me and the images are taken from my monthly credit limit. So, if you haven’t used Shutterstock before for images or you don’t have an active account, it’s worth checking out what images you can download for FREE.

TickTok is launching new parental controls to better protect minors on the app.

If you hadn’t heard about TikTok prior to Lockdown, I am pretty sure you will have now. Minors, adults, families and celebrities are coping with lockdown by getting involved with the hundreds of trending posts, from viral dance trends to viral dog videos, we have all become guilty of spending far too much time on TikTok.

Initially when it launched, TikTok had global audience of millennials and the younger generation but has rapidly diversified and has now had over 2billion app downloads [statistic: wallroommedia, April 2020]

Now, TikTok has announced they will be releasing a new function called ‘Family Pairing‘ which will give parents more options to better manage their kids’ time in the app, while also protecting them from unwanted exposure to both offensive content and potential predators.

Family Pairing includes three key elements:

  • Screen Time Management – Parents will be able to set limits onhow long their children can spend on TikTok each day.
  • Restricted Mode – Parents will also be able to set restrictions on content that may not be appropriate, based on TikTok’s moderation tools
  • Direct Messages – And parents will also, importantly, be able to restrict who can send messages to their child’s TikTok account – or turn off direct messaging completely.

What do you think of the new family pairing function? Let me know in the comment below.