Unlock PROFITABLE social media ads for your family business

with training & support from someone’s who’s got the T-shirt.

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Feeling Overwhelmed with Social Media Ads?

I Get It.

You’re at the dinner table, but the talk is all business – Facebook and Instagram ads that you’re somehow expected to master overnight.

The pressure’s on to get those leads flowing in, but where do you even start?

The world of online advertising can be intimidating, especially when you’re trying to juggle it with family life.

You’re not alone if you’ve found yourself wishing for a helping ads, someone who truly understands the stakes and the struggles.

here's how i can help!


… more than just an advertising expert – I’m your ally in this journey.

I’m a Certified Facebook & Google Ads Manager and Trainer, and a successful construction company owner. What’s more, being a female homeowner, with a growing property reno portfolio, I get your customers, I am one.

I’ve seen the challenges up close; the late nights trying to make sense of ad budgets, targeting, and copy that converts. I’ve crafted my training support packages to do more than just teach you the ropes – they’re here to give you confidence and peace of mind. Imagine running successful social media ad campaigns that not only bring in leads, but also allow you to enjoy your evenings, worry-free.

With my training and support, you’ll transform from ad novice to savvy marketer. You’ll learn to navigate ads manager like a pro, craft messages that resonate with your target audience, and track your leads to show ROI. You won’t just be running ads; you’ll be running the show. No more second-guessing every click, because you’ll have the know-how and an expert by your side, cheering you on.   

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Results That Speak for Themselves

Easigrass Facebook Ads Results

Picture this...

Your ads are live, and the leads are rolling in....

 You’re beaming with pride because you did it. Not only are you generating business, but you’ve also reclaimed your personal time. That’s the power of expert-led training and support.

It’s not just about getting likes or clicks – it’s about real, measurable growth for your business and peace for your home.

Take the First Step Today…

Ready to take control and become the marketing hero your family business needs? Let’s arrange an initial call and kickstart your journey to success.

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Why wait for success?

Don’t let another day pass by feeling under pressure and out of your depth. Reach out now, and let’s start building a future where your business flourishes, and your family thrives. Your partner is the expert in their trade, and with my help, you’ll be the expert in bringing in the business. It’s time to feel confident, supported, and excited about the incredible results you’re about to achieve.

what's stopping you?

"My customers aren't on Facebook or Instagram."

That's where you're wrong. You can reach 71% of all UK adults through Facebook and Instagram advertising. That’s a hefty chunk of potential customers right there.

"I'm booked up, I don't need social media"

Firstly, that’s brilliant. Secondly, what happens when you’ve delivered all that work? Or you want to grow your business to more than just a team or two? I help you build a pipeline packed full of better-quality customers. You know, the ones that don’t try and knock you down on price or mess you around.

"I don't have to time to focus on Social Media"

Well, then that’s precisely why you need me. Just tell me what type of leads you want to get and leave the rest to me. It is that simple.


Stop wasting money today

and start making real profit from your advertising.

Especially if you want results like this…

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Let’s book in a chat!