Why I don't listen to Facebook Recommendations if I want results

Why I don’t listen to Facebook (Meta) ad recommendations… (if I want results!)

Ever opened your ad account and hounded by a tonne of recommendations to improve your campaign results?

Here’s my advice… take them all with a pinch of salt.

Manual testing is, and always has been the best way to improve your campaigns and ensuring you get the most out of your budget.

Here’s some REAL results from a client’s ad account (21st June 2022)

We have a simple funnel set up for this client, where we initially ran an engagement campaign for the first 2-3 weeks of them collaborating with us.

The aim of the social proof campaign was to generate engagement (likes, comments and shares) and once we had that, we could use this ‘Ad ID’ and pull it into a conversions campaign (optimised for conversions)

As you can see from the screenshot below, the engagement campaign worked well. Generating more than 600 likes and 57 comments on one ad, with the other ad generating over 79.5k views and 68 comments.

Then, we paused the social proof campaign and introduced the conversions campaign, to start generating leads results.

TOP TIP: Include starting prices in your captions to reduce poor quality leads.

This campaign is optimised to drive on-website conversions, but we are also introducing a lead form campaign this month, using the new ‘Lead Filtering’ Lead Ad forms.

Here’s just some of the recent results this week, ignoring all Facebooks recommendations and manually testing what works, and what doesn’t.

Facebook Ad results = 7 Days

Leads = 32

Total cost = £290.11

Average order value = £3000-£10,000

(Ave across both campaigns) cost per lead = £9.58

Facebook Ad results = 24 Hours

Leads = 6

Total cost = £38.44

Average order value = £3000-£10,000

(Ave across both campaigns) cost per lead = £7.04

*The above results are from 2 months of testing variables, with a budget of £1000 per month*

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