Facebook ads what's working right now

Facebook ads… what’s working right now?

As with most social media channels things are always changing and new features are being rolled out (every day, if we’re talking Instagram!)

It is my job as an Ads Manager to ensure I am up to date with what’s new, what’s working and what isn’t.

Today, I want to share these with you.

Lookalike Audiences (LLAs)

Lookalike audiences have always worked well, but with iOS changes, there is a discrepancy on how many people are in your data pot (opt-outs), meaning things have been a bit of a guessing game.

I have heard over the past few weeks; larger lookalikes have been working well.

Try aim for 3%+ lookalikes.

Go broad

With Meta announcing they are removing some targeting options; it seems there have been more options removed that don’t fall within the “sensitive category” they initially stated.

Try going broad, using only location, age and gender as options. It’s important when using a broad audience to monitor the quality of your leads.


Facebook and Instagram’s promise in 2022 to prioritise video content is well and truly kicking in.

Video content is performing much better than both static images and carousel ads recently, so try to think about how you can incorporate videos into your ad creatives.

Switch up your objective

Getting poor results for high CPAs on your retargeting conversion campaigns? Try optimising for traffic instead to your warm audiences and see how you get on!

I’ve heard of a lot of Ads Managers doing this at the moment and it is working well.

Dare to be different

We are all consuming so much more online content the EVER before.

Dare to be different with your creative and think outside the box.

You can sell, without selling!

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