Content Strategy Vs Content Planning

Content Strategy Vs Content Planning

Okay, so you have probably heard the term “strategy” a lot, but what does it really mean for you and your business? This week, across my Instagram and emails, I am talking all things strategy. Why we need one and how to create one. In this blog, I am talking specifically about the difference between […]

Everything You Need For Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping is going to be big news in 2021, that’s why if you sell products you need to get on board. What is Instagram Shopping? Instagram Shopping allows you to tag your products in a range of content formats, including grid posts, stories, IGTV, reels and guides. Tagging your products means a user can […]

5 Things You Should Do Before Running Facebook Ads

How to run Facebook Ads

1. Ensure Your Pixel Is Set Up A Facebook pixel is a piece of code which sits on your website and collects data of your website visitors. It is important to set this up as soon as possible, even if running Facebook Ads is not on your radar right now. The more data your pixel […]

Understanding Facebook Ad Audiences

What sizes should my Facebook Audiences be?⁠ ⁠ This depends on 1. Your objective and 2. Whether you are targeting a cold or warm audience. ⁠ ⁠ Engagement Objective  Over 10,000 but can be smaller if you are a targeting a warm audience (people who have already engaged with your business) This could be your […]

How Can I Bring My Facebook Ads Cost Down?

Ways to lower your facebook ads cost

With Facebook recently updating its algorithm to make it even more difficult for businesses to reach their audience organically, more and more companies are turning to Facebook Ads. The problem with this is not many companies know how to use Facebook Advertising to it’s full potential, causing them to waste their marketing budget and not […]

This week’s Social Media News

Facebook testing hiding ‘likes’ on business pages Word on the social street if Facebook are testing hiding the like count on pages, so you will only be able to see the number of followers your page has. This will only be applicable to page likes, you will still be able to see post likes at […]

How To Set Up Business Manager For Your Facebook Ads

Set Up Business Manager For Your Facebook Ads

Boosting posts is a short-term strategy and is only good for ‘social proofing’ your posts. Boosted posts have become so saturated the algorithm will devalue your Ad more than anything. Using Business Manager allows you to create more targeted campaigns, build out ongoing ad funnels as well as control your audience, tracking and testing much […]

Website basics to boost SEO & Social Media

SEO Basics

Whether you are already in the process of building a website, or thinking of starting one, these basic tips will go a long way towards a successful social media and SEO campaign. I have talked more about SEO in my recent blog, SEO – The Basics. Don’t compromise on speed. You may want to save […]

This week’s Social Media News

New Social Media Platform AllSocial promises no limits and 100% reach If you know how social media works these days, you will know that the majority of platforms now limit the amount of people who see your posts. In fact, it is reported that only 5% of your audience will see your posts. AllSocial is […]