Social Media Management

6 Ways A Social Media Manager Will Improve Your Platforms

The best social media accounts look effortless, don’t they?

They post regularly, you know what kind of content to expect from them and, in some cases, you actually look forward to seeing it!

But those accounts don’t happen by luck. Nope, a lot of time and effort goes into creating them.

Here are the secret tactics a social media manager would use to help you to achieve that effortless look!

1. They work to a strategy.

A skilled social media manager will assess your profiles before starting work. Then they’ll create a strategy that identifies your ideal customers, defines your goals, hones your brand tone of voice and looks at what your competitors are up to.

Next, they’ll work out what you should be posting to attract your dream followers and will post content that speaks directly to them.

So, you see, looking effortless takes a lot of effort!

2. They double–down on what’s working

We all know the thrill of getting lots of likes on a post, but there’s more to success than that.

Being able to understand the numbers behind a post – such as reach, impressions and engagement – is an important part of working out what’s resonating with your crowd.

Of course, crunching the numbers – and analysing what they mean takes time. A good social media manager will do this work for you and flex their posting strategy accordingly.

3. They answer EVERTHING

Engagement is such an important part of social media, yet many brands just don’t have the time – or energy – to do it.

Responding to every DM, comment, and query is a huge time commitment and takes you away from other important areas of your business.

But engagement is the cornerstone of social media. The simple truth is, the more you put in, the more you get out.

When you hire a social media manager, they’ll ensure no comment or DM goes unanswered, no customer or lead left behind.

4. They’re consistent

If there’s one thing every social media manager knows to be true it’s that consistency is key. 

Why? Well, there are two main reasons.

Firstly, showing up consistently lets your audience know you’re there. It keeps you top of mind. Let’s be honest, nothing raises red flags faster than a stone-cold account.

Secondly, by consistently posting good quality, engaging content the algorithms will reward your efforts and will show it to more people. Combine this with consistent engagement and boom, you’re winning.

Oh and more thing – it’s super important to have consistent branding and messaging across all your platforms. Another task a good social media manager will do for you!

5. They optimise your bio’s

Yes, bio optimisation is a thing and an important one too.

Think of your platform bio as your business card. It needs to tell people who you are, how you help people and how they can contact you.

It’s also a chance to toot your horn, show off a bit of personality, attract the right followers (and turn off the wrong ones).

Your social media manager will know which bits of your bio are searchable (each platform is slightly different) and will ensure these areas are being properly used.

6. They stay be bang up to date

Keeping abreast of all the latest social media platform changes is a job in itself – one you can’t possibly be expected to do.

But a good social media manager will be on top of all the latest updates and will know which to apply to your accounts and which to ignore.

They’ll also surround themselves with like-minded professionals and will have a network of brilliant colleagues to ensure they never miss a thing.

Now you know some of the tactics used by successful social media managers why not try using some of them yourself? Or if you’d prefer some help, I’d love you to get in touch.

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