How to run Facebook Ads

5 Things You Should Do Before Running Facebook Ads

1. Ensure Your Pixel Is Set Up

A Facebook pixel is a piece of code which sits on your website and collects data of your website visitors. It is important to set this up as soon as possible, even if running Facebook Ads is not on your radar right now. The more data your pixel has, the better. When it comes to running your ads, your pixel will collect past data which you can either retarget or create a “lookalike” of your existing audience.

2. Prioritise Your Organic Engagement

Similar to how SEO works, Facebook rank your ads using various criteria and your organic engagement is one of them. The better your organic posts perform; the more Facebook will see you as influential to your audience and show your ads to more of them.

3. Understand Your Audience Demographics

Not only is this important if you are creating an interest-based audience for your ads, it is also important to know this, so you can speak directly to them in your content. As the saying goes “Talk to everyone you talk to no-one”

Understand what your audience want, what their pain-points are and directly reach out to them in your ads.

When running Interest based audience there are thousands of data points you could use, which Facebook collect on all of us. You can target specific groups of people such as business owners, Facebook page admins, parent of under 2’s and so on. You can also target people through their current interests, so check out what your audience like to do, where they shop, what they like to watch, where they like to eat etc and include these within your audience interests. For more on what types of audiences to create, read my other blog Understanding Facebook Ads Audiences.

4. Lead Page / Objective

Wherever you decide to send your ads leads to, ie your websites’ home page, a specific landing page, a product page etc, make sure this is already converting well organically. There is so much that goes into running a successful Facebook ad, there is nothing worse than getting lots of leads, so see them disappear at the final point due to a poor website experience. Ensure the page speed is good, there are clear call to actions and all the information within the page relates to what the ad has promised them.

5. Graphics For All Placements

I mention this stat far too often, but it is so important. “On average we scroll 300ft per day on our social media channels” which means your audience are likely to see a lot of ads each day. Yours need to stop them from scrolling. How? By understanding your audience and delivering your ad in a creative one.

Statistics show when viewing an ad on social media, we are initially drawn in by the creative (image/video etc), seconded, our eyes navigate to the headline, lastly if we still want to know more, we read the copy. So, when creating your ads, tell a story in this way.

If you would like more support with your Facebook ads, I offer 121 training where we can discuss your audiences and choosing the right one for your business. Please feel free to drop me a message here and we can arrange a chat.