Social Media Marketing Mistakes

5 Social Media Mistakes Your Construction Company Is Probably Making

1. Selling your services far too much!

C’mon, let’s be real here – no one wants to be sold to.

So why do I see so many construction companies and trades sell so much? Think of it like this, would you attend a networking event, walk up to someone, not say hello and shout “We offer XYZ, get a free quote NOW!”? I hope you wouldn’t, so why are your social media channels any different?

Social media is an online networking platform, it’s about building an engaged community of potential customers, it’s about showcasing your work without selling it.

For someone to follow your page, you must provide some sort of value, what’s in it for them? Maybe this could be some interior inspiration from your recent projects, maybe it could be some DIY tips (but get the professionals in really!) or maybe it could be you showcasing your team and their skills. Trust me, the customers will come if you provide more value and less in your face sales pitches.

2. Not using UGC ‘User Generated Content’

One of the reasons why I think I am so successful in generating leads for trade & construction businesses (apart from the fact I own one myself) is because I know what your target customers want to see, because I am one. Let’s be honest, 90% of the time the women make the decisions, right? We want to visualise our home looking like that, we get FOMO over interiors, beautiful kitchens, simply stunning accessories, that is what we want to see.

If I am looking for a new bathroom, and I scroll through my newsfeed and see a photo of a tap being plumbed in, that’s not going to get my interest. If, however, I see a gorgeous bathroom with dim lighting and candles surrounding a stunning bathtub, I want my bathroom to be like that, that’s getting my interest.

Depending on where you sit within the design to build journey, ask your customers to share after photo’s if you just did the foundations or blockwork, if you are a trade further down that journey and have completed the second fix, decorated, or added some finishing touches, take photos yourself. Your potential customers want to see the masterpiece, not the work behind the scenes (use this type of content in your stories!)

3. Not engaging with your audience

How often do you spend on your social channels, finding and engaging with potential customers? This could be through Facebook groups (and with this, I don’t mean sharing a page post into a group you are never active in – please don’t do that!), through relevant hashtags, your followers, people you are following, local business/ construction company / tradesman forums?

Hopefully, your answer is at least 10 minutes every day – but I doubt it is. Why? Because you are so busy running your business, when do you get time to engage on social media?

The algorithm loves engagement! Follower numbers are not important, so stop wasting time trying to attract new followers and then not engaging with them.

Going back to what I said in point 1. Social media is about building an online community of potential customers, so engaging with them is going to leave a lasting impression and when they do need you, you will be their first point of call.

4. A crap website!

Yes, I said it. Your website is so important. Why invest so much time into building your online community, through well-crafted content, videos, reels, engagement, to then lose them at the final hurdle?

  • Have you checked your website speed lately? If not, check it here.
  • Is your website easy to use on both desktop and mobile?
  • Are there clear call-to-actions on every page?
  • Do you have plenty of project photos and reviews?

Your website should be your best salesperson, so by having a poor landing page, you are going to lose potential customers.

5. Thinking you’re booked up and don’t need social media

No, no, no! If I had a pound for every time I heard this, I would be rich! Having a built-out pipeline is great for your trade or construction company, but building your reputation for future customers (and existing customers) is also important.

67% of homeowners surveyed said that their primary source when researching a company or service is social media ~ @simplybusiness

  • How many reviews have you got on your page?
  • When did you last post on your social media?
  • What are your current engagement rates? Ie; comments, likes & shares

The more engaged you are on your page, the more customers will notice you (and book you!), the more the algorithm will love you and show your content to more people. It’s a win, win.

How many of these construction company errors do you think you have made (or maybe still making) with your social media?

If you think you need help with your social media, and would prefer to simply hand the hole thing over to an expert, who knows the industry and your customers, click here to request a free consultation.